About George Mashkovtsev
George MashkovtsevI am a photographer from Russia, the city of Izhevsk. I would like to draw your attention to my professional experiences in this field below.
I am a winner of the following photo competitions in Russia:
- Competition "Parade of Moments" organized by professional photo magazine «Digital Camera», August 2007;
- Competition "Bright colors of travelling " organized by the largest travel company "Tez Tour", 2007;
- Competitions organized by the resource www.photokonkurs.com in the sections «Animals», «Still life», «Humor», «Nature», «Landscape»
- One of my works was published on the cover of the magazine «FORBES STYLE», summer 2008 (see the link below);
- One of my works is considered to be the Face of the Open Joint Stock Company «WIMM-BILL-DANN-DRINKS», Russia, and is represented in its new advertising campaign.
See the following links to my works:
http://www.amlux.ru/news/advertising/1100006260/ («FORBES STYLE»)
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